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LoudderMusic+ will be released Tuesday, Jan. 24. This app will be available for iOS and Android devices. You'll never have to worry about ads or interruptions. Curate the perfect playlist for any occasion. And discover the new music you didn't know you loved.

Listening to your favorite songs is easier than ever
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More of a desktop type of person? No problem. Download the app on Mac or Windows. We've added features so you can play tunes from any device, share songs with friends and family. Most importantly, can connect with your favorite artist.

New music is here

No Time to Rest Tour 2023
Minot, North Dakota - 05/18/2023
Arimo, Idaho - 05/20/2023
Topeka, Kansas - 05/22/2023
South Bend, Indiana - 05/24/2023
Dover, Delaware - 05/26/2023

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